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Sostenibilidad digital en la nube
Integraciones informáticas en el mundo del IoT que busca dar soluciones rápidas a problemas del mundo actual
Process automation
We design smart solutions to improve the user experience. Currently, capacity control, as well as temperature taking and hand sanitizing, is assisted by a worker manually, increasing spending on extra personnel, replacement of failed thermometers, among other inconveniences, which generates a bad experience for customers. and the risk of not complying with established protocols.
Our Products and services
SIT was founded in 2020 in a founder´s department with few tools and a homemade 3D printer. The first project the company did was the X thermometer, the first digital thermometer in made in Chile, wich had a great arrival due to its multiple technological qualities and its biodegradable casing. Later on it starter to grown and mare more project using the best part´s of the informatic and the electronics world to made the best queality sistems. The company, in just one year, managed to be throughout the national territory providing technological development services for different type of clients.
Padre Mariano #103, Of. 402, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile.
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