About us
SIT (Innovative and Electronic Solutions), was founded in 2020 by three talented young people with limited resources. Only the few tools that remained in the department of one of them and a handmade 3D printer were enough to create what is today a national technological development with the best quality standards.
How do we start?
Between failed and discarded projects, our first artifact was born: the X thermometer, which had an excellent reception thanks to its technological qualities and biodegradable material.
Thanks to this first completed project, SIT achieved media buzz and that is how motivation invaded that department of friends where ideas were born.
Thanks to this path traveled, today, SIT is present in different projects with clients such as the Municipality of XX, all Skechers branches, the University of Chile, Universidad Mayor, among others.
our challenge
SIT thinks big and this is how one of the main objectives and why it continues to grow is to be the largest national technology development company, complementing all aspects of automation, promoting local development in all its spheres.
Today we have more than 13 developed projects, from organizational systems, access controls, to artificial intelligence systems to detect emotions, a development that we will continue promoting and taking to the corners of the country, to make technology a tool within the reach of everybody.
SIT was founded in 2020 in a founder´s department with few tools and a homemade 3D printer. The first project the company did was the X thermometer, the first digital thermometer in made in Chile, wich had a great arrival due to its multiple technological qualities and its biodegradable casing. Later on it starter to grown and mare more project using the best part´s of the informatic and the electronics world to made the best queality sistems. The company, in just one year, managed to be throughout the national territory providing technological development services for different type of clients.
Padre Mariano #103, Of. 402, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile.
+56 9 4445 5183
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